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education in its natural  state

Outdoor Preschool


all-weather outdoor
learning community

Lake Nixon Outdoor Preschool is an all-weather school for children ages 3-5 that features opportunities for daily exploration in a beautiful, diverse outdoor setting.


Natural Wonder

Nurturing Innate Curiosity

We nurture a child's natural wonder about the world around them by guiding with an inquiry-based teaching style that promotes discovery.

Nurturing Environment

Social and Emotional Growth

Experiencing the outdoors with our school family encourages empathy, interdependence and perseverance, and instills confidence and self-worth. 

Engaging Education

Exploring Through Immersion

Children are immersed in a diverse and beautiful setting that encourages exploration, learning and growth.

All of our teachers are certified in nature-based education through the Eastern Regional Association of Forest and Nature Schools.

Immersive Activities

Hear from our families...

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What parents are saying...

Sarah S.

"We couldn’t have asked for a better place for her to transition to school and we truly believe the staff has done a wonderful job at showing her support and helping her become independent at the same time!”

Kristin H.

 "Lake Nixon opened nature up to my son. He loves to hike as a family on the weekend and look for birds and bugs. He can spot a bird far off in a tree before anyone else notices it."

Rachel M.

“We love Lake Nixon! All three of our kids have attended and became more confident, adventurous, and independent during their time there.”

Glen C.

"I'm so glad my granddaughter has had the opportunity to go to Outdoor Preschool!

Lake Nixon is the most unique preschool in this part of the country. Young children learn to appreciate that they are connected to all living things in nature and with one another -- all of this while still getting the necessary educational and social skills to prepare for them for kindergarten. Lake Nixon preschool’s awesome teachers make a huge difference in the minds and hearts of our little ones."   

Sarah R.

"My child loves LNOP! He would live outdoors if we would let him. He can not wait to see his ‘school family’ every morning and never wants to leave in the afternoons. I love that he is learning to be independent and improve his communication skills. It is also pretty amazing to watch his creativity and curiosity flourish in a natural setting.”

Emily C.

"We are so happy we decided to put our daughter in outdoor preschool.  She has grown and developed in ways we couldn't imagine. She's learned her numbers and letters, is on the verge of reading and writing, but more importantly has learned how to treat other people, animals, and our environment. Her creativity has flourished and her imagination has blossomed. She has gained in confidence and empathy. All the while she is spending her early childhood outside playing on the grass, with the dirt, and in the creek.  We couldn't be happier with Lake Nixon Outdoor Preschool!"

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