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A Day Outdoors...


8:00-8:15 AM


Using the ProCare app, students are checked in as they arrive.  Students are then greeted by their teacher and their temperatures are checked as a safety precaution. 

8:15 AM

Circle time

Students start the day with meditative breathing exercises, practice counting, go over the letter of the week, and prepare for the day ahead.

8:45 AM

Morning outdoor adventure

Whether its in the outdoor classroom, hiking to the clearing, or playing on the beach, the main lesson is taught along with complementary activities and of a course a snack.

11:30 AM


Lunch is eaten spaced out on picnic tables in the outdoor classroom.  The students say a blessing and enjoy taking their time filling their tank and chatting with their friends.

12:15 PM

Prep for rest time

The class returns indoors to read a book and practice their slow breathing in preparation for rest time.

12:45 PM

Rest Time

Each student lays down on a mat with their favorite blanket and stuffed animal.

2:00 PM

Focused skill time

After an afternoon snack, each student has a few moments of focused skill time which  incorporates pre-reading and pre-writing skills, Kindergarten readiness skills, numeral identification, math sense, learning games and sensory-driven letter practice.

2:15 PM

Playground time

Students may make their own music playing the pots and pans, bake mud pies in the kitchen, go down the slide, or play chase in the fenced area attached to the preschool building.

2:45 - 3:00


Students sit with their teachers until the parents arrive and check them out.  

Each day is unique at Lake Nixon, though it does follow a similar daily structure.  A typical day may look something like this...


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