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Our Curriculum

Our activities are planned around your child’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. Because children learn through their senses and by moving, it may not look like school to you! Teachers use play experiences to help children learn skills and concepts. Activities encourage exploration, creativity, and problem solving. We will use outdoor classroom time as often as possible. The staff works with children to enhance their learning and development in all areas: social-emotional, physical, language/literacy and intellectual.

Of the many resources we will draw from, two will be focused on more, and those are Growing Up Wild and Inspired Reggio Emilia.”


At Lake Nixon Outdoor Preschool your child's day is full of circle time, a morning adventure outside, along with rest time, lunch and of course snacks. 


This time will prepare your child in the ways of learning letters, numbers, pre-reading, pre-writing, and math. All of these are learned through games and sensory-driven activities.  


Every child gets to experiences garden class once a week in a hands on way through watering, weeding or seeding. During this time students also participate in art projects, experiments and reading books. 

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